Jamaican Sea Moss Gel (8 oz.) Buy 1 get 1 Free + Smoothie Recipe book

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  • Sourced from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Jamaica
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Sea Moss is a type of Algae famous for its richness in nutrients and minerals. We source ours from the Caribbean Islands of Jamaica. 

 We decided after adding sea moss to our foods as a supplement that we should share God's natural gift to the earth with all of our customers. The best thing about using sea moss is if you want to look and feel good, adding this to your diet is EASY.  

 We all should be using Sea Moss around this time of year. Our bodies are slammed with sugar, salt, meat, processed foods and it's not doing our body any favors! Low energy, mood swings, anxiety, and depression can start to kick in when we don't have proper nutrition. Get balanced with our Premium Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel and join our community of people who like to look good and feel good. Plus remember Sea Moss is an anti-viral. 

You can learn more about sea moss gel here.